Dried fruit


Medicinal properties

According to the Iranian traditional medicine, sweet almond has warm nature.


  1. AlmondisAlmondoilisan anti-constipationespeciallythealmond oilcan beusedto resolveconstipationfor children.
  2. Almondeliminatesdrythroat.
  3. Almondmilkrelievecough,throatdiscomfortandshortness of breathand also this mucus thatishelpful.
  4. Almond is useful for the treatment ofbladder,intestinal ulcersand
  5. Roastedalmondsis astomachtonic.
  6. Almondincreasessexual potencyandamplifiers sperm production.
  7. Groundalmondsandmixwith honey. It is usefulforcoughand liverpain.
  8. Almondfruit strengthengums and
  9. Almond fruit is good for dry mouth.
  10. Brewalmondblossombecause it is used as a laxativeforyourchildren.
  11. The breweddark brownskinof almondsisthe best medicineto relieve pain andinflammation of therespiratory tract. (Destined to consume5 grams per100 grams of water)
  12. Almond treeleavesboiled is usefultofailureliver andgall bladder.
  13. Almond oil is sleeping and eliminatesinsomnia.
  14. For Relievinga dry throat andsoftenthe intestinesand relievedry coughshouldeatalmond oilmixedwithsugar and tragacanth.
  15. Mixalmond oilwith warm water. It would be a good drug to remove diarrheaand crampskids. Meanwhile,themixture of this removes gravelandmakes it easy tourinate.
  16. Lubricate thespine withthealmond oilfor the treatment ofgoutand eliminatethe bend ofthe elderly.
  17. Freshalmond treeiscathartic.
  18. Driedleaves areastringentand almond trees destroy diarrhea.
  19. Due to softeningand anti-inflammatoryproperties Sweetalmond oil areused for making creams andointments.
  20. To overcomebreastdisease, mix sweetalmond oilwithhoneyand oneegg yolkthatproduceauniformdough,thenaddboiled marshmallowandeata teaspoonofitevery three hours.
  21. Rub almondoilon the bodies of children whoare suffering from itchingbecause ofmeasles andscarlet fever. Itrelievesitchingat all levels of their bodies.
  22. Rubbingalmond oilon the skin, relievesinflammationand
  23. Almond oilhelpsto relieveeczema.


Properties of bitter almond

Based on Iranian traditional medicine bitter almonds is very hot and dry.

  1. Groundbitteralmondsandmixwithvinegar it is goodpoulticeforheadachesand alsowraparoundthe eye toimprove vision.
  2. Eatingbitter almonds are usefulforshortness of breath, coughing and pulmonaryedema.
  3. Eat bitter almondwith honey because it cleans liverand spleen.
  4. For removingakidneypain eatbitter almondwithstarch andmint.
  5. Bitteralmondswith honeyis usefulforcolic.
  6. To destroykidney stonesandkidneyproblems, eat bitter almondmixedwithgrapejuice.
  7. Ifa woman'smenstrualpostponedthe bestwayof suppositoryis to putbitteralmonds into vaginal.
  8. Toremovefacial blemishes, mixbitteralmondpowder withvinegar andmakeitpoultice thenrubon the skin.
  9. Poulticeof bitter almondScarlet feverusedto treatitching andoldwounds.
  10. Poulticerootof bitter almondtreeis usefulto treatpain.
  11. Almond treerootpoultice is usedtoremovethe spleen, kidney anddisposal of intestinalworms.
  12. The brewedBitter almondtreerootis used toremovethe spleen and disposal ofintestinalworms.
  13. Bitter almond oilhaslaxative
  14. Bitter almond oilis usefultoshortness of breath,pain inthe kidney and bladderremoval
  15. Putadrop ofoilof bitter almond to relieveearringingsoundin theears.
  16. Rubbingthe bitter almondoiltoeliminatestains andwrinkles of
  17. Bitter almond oildestroy cleft of handsand feetcaused bythe
  18. If thosewho suffered from eczema make paste with thebitter almond andwash the eczema instead ofsoapitwill healsoon.
  19. Bitter almondpasteis usefulto eliminatefoot odorandunderarm.
  20. Bitter almond oilis usefulfor the treatment ofwhooping cough.
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