Dried fruit


Green Raisins "grape grainy, long, green and is dried with sulfur".

Dark raisins dried directly with sun without any interface.


Golden raisins is ripe fruit of variety seedless grape that is available in yellow or light brown amber which has been dried with sulfur smoke.

Sunny Raisins is different variety of seedless grape ripe fruit that is dried in direct sunlight and the final product is brown.


Raisins is a nutrients dried fruit, and like other onesfound inall year. It is ahigh-energy, low-fatand low-sodiumSofor people whohave to followalow-sodiumdiet, eating raisinsis very useful.

  1. Raisinshaveantioxidantpropertiesandhelps preventcelldamage.
  2. Raisins playsan important rolefor healthy bonesand preventing osteoporosis, so its useis very helpfulforper menopausal women.
  3. It isa good source ofvitamin D andestrogen
  4. Althoughraisinsaresweet andsticky, it has noharmful effectonteeth, and it cannot damage teeth, even we can saydried fruitsraisinshelps preventtooth decay and are very useful for healthy teethand gums.
  5. Raisinsare a good sourceof vitamins andnutrients for the body.Elements andvitaminssuch asiron, potassium, calcium and B vitaminsfoundin raisins.
  6. Raisinscontaina lot of600 grams ofraisins provide 90percent ofthe daily required iron.
  7. Raisins is a good source offiber, antioxidants and
  8. Fiberpreventcolon cancer and helpprevent the growth ofabnormalcells and disease andalsocontrolblood sugar.
  9. Addraisins tomeattoreducethe amount ofdietary fat, increasethe amount offiberand ironandreducethe amount ofsodium.
  10. Antioxidantsreduceaginganddiseasesresulting fromit.
  11. Raisinscan help preventcancer.
  12. Raisinsdecrease LDLorbad cholesterollevelin the bloodandreduceheart disease.
  13. If youeatraisinsevery dayfor 4 weeks, antioxidants in the blood increaseand bad cholesterol(LDL)is reduced.
  14. Raisinsreduces stress.
  15. Thedried fruitistheproper functioning of
  16. Raisinsis usedfor the treatment ofconstipation andstomachTo prevent thisillnesscansoak6-5 raisins, and after a fewhours, drink the water.
  17. Research has shownthatathletesbefore and duringexercise,consumeabout onecup of raisins, preserve their bodies' cells better thanthe rest from damage.
  18. Raisinsdue to have fructose, consume lots ofenergy, and also lose weight.
  19. Raisins, like carrots,also goodforeye health.
  20. Raisinstrengthens the
  21. Raisin, awayinertiaand apathyfrom the body.
  22. Eatingraisinsaway wrathfromyou.
  23. Raisinscausethe loss ofexcess water fromthe body.
  24. Raisins, make amouthfreshener.
  25. Raisins, reducesmusclespasms.



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