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Properties of apples:

One of the properties of apple is in maintaining skin's freshness and vitality. By using apple could eliminate common problems such as dry skin, cracking skin, paleness and many skin diseases and reduce long chronic or their symptoms.


It should be noted that this feature is because of riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin C and A, minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

One of the properties of apple is to regulate blood pressure. Eating apples and even smelling of these, reduce blood pressure. Survey conducted by Yale (YALE) showed that only a scent of apple, decrease blood pressure of patients.

One of the useful properties of apples is for teeth and gums. Acids found in apples destroy mouth bacteria in chewing and clean the teeth and gums. Chewing an apple is like when we use a normal toothbrush.

Studies show that apple is able to remove food particles left on the teeth and away gums disease and tooth decay. Even those who have suffered from gum disease, will be able to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C in apple.

Nutrients in apples strengthens tooth structure. To strengthen tooth enamel and makes teeth to prevent decay. Acids found in apples have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on the teeth and gums.


Scientific research has shown that a quarter of an hour after eating a sour apple slowly destroys about 90 percent of bacteria particles, and almost all bacteria particles lost  in the mouth after an hour.

Other properties of apples are that chewing apples, will strengthen the jaw muscles. Drinking fresh apple juice, without any additional material, due to its anti-inflammatory effects is considered as a simple and natural mouthwash.

Apple prevents gout and arthritis disease. One of the conditions that occurs typically by overeating and continuous use of animal sources (meat and fat) and alcohol are joint pain and gout. Of course, prone to the disease is inherited.

In severe cases, the patient is treated with medication and cold compresses. To prevent the spread and prolong disease it is necessary to follow a free meat and fat diet.

The apple fruit is very valuable, because it has little fat and reduces urea. Raw or cooked apple prevents formation of uric acid in the body. After taking, the total amount of urine acids,  increases formic acid. Hence its use for people with arthritis and gout is recommended.

Apple nutrient the brain. That is why it is useful for those who do intellectual work. Apple generally strengthens nerves and brain due to phosphorus.

Another properties of the apple is calming. Brewed apple skin with a little honey is a soothing drink. Eating sour apples (raw apples) has calming effect on the nervous system.

In addition to vitamins B, magnesium, phosphorus and other nutrients found in apples  has a calming effect on the nerves. Also sweetness of apple and chewing it cause to relax contract muscles of the face.


Sour apple Properties:


Sour apple is astringent and destroys nausea and upset stomach.

 Baked sour apple used to treat dysentery.

Sour apples mixed with pomegranate is used to strengthen the stomach and treating diarrhea.

Sour apple sauce cure diarrhea, vomiting, pain and sadness.

Apple blossom jam is useful for the faint of stomach and increasing sexual power.

The sour apple is very useful for those who are hot natured.

Conversely, those who are cold natured should eat fresh apple (sweet apple). In the past gout and neurological disorders has been treating by the sour apple.



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