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Health benefits of potatoes

Potato is a native plant in the South America and still grows  in Chile and Argentina. In the sixteenth century were brought by the Spanish to Europe and then it became the first intake of vegetables in Europe and America.

 Scientific name: Solanum tuberosum

Potatoes exist in all ove of  the year.Because of having vitamin C this is against the ascorbate disease.

Air potato stems consist of 7 to 12 leaflets with basic leaf. In the distance of the leaflets are also smaller leaflets.

Potatoes are classified based on flower color and underground glands skin.

 There are small holes in the skin potatoes with sprouts, and sprouts are the source of new plants.


 Medicinal properties:


  1. Potatoes have solanine so these are used as a drug and sedative, but because of domestic consumption should be non-toxic and should only be used as a poultice and external use.
  2. Potatoes have too much vitamin C and are used to fight ascorbate disease.
  3. To soothe burns, grated raw potato on the burn as a poultice and let it change every few minutes and put fresh poultice on it.
  4. Potatoes contain an enzyme inhibitor thus this is, anti-cancer, and in this case potato is stronger than soymilk.
  5. Potato skins, such as fruit and vegetables have antioxidant substance, thus it prevents the development of cancer cells.
  6. Potatoes are the best remedy for those whose bodies are acidic, and such persons should eat steam cooked potatoes with the skin because  potatoes and fried potatoes cooked with steam don't produce  acid in the body.
  7. Potatoes are a good remedy to eliminate. For this purpose put potatoes on the soup and let almost cooked and then eat it.
  8. Potato, due to having too much potassium, is cleansing.
  9. Potato is the drug of heart disease.
  10. Red potatoes is treating painful blood hemorrhoids.
  11. For the treatment of diarrhea cook potato soup with milk, and eat it. Diarrhea stops quickly.

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