Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables

Health benefits of potatoes

Potato is a native plant in the South America and still grows  in Chile and Argentina. In the sixteenth century were brought by the Spanish to Europe and then it became the first intake of vegetables in Europe and America.

The properties of pomegranate

 Fresh pomegranate is a diuretic.

  • Natured laxative.
  • Fresh pomegranate juice is beneficial for urinary tract infections
  • Increases bile secretion

Mushrooms are divided into two categories: Wild and cultivated

Some of them have beneficial effects on human health, such as dilute the blood, preventing the formation and growth of tumors.

Cucumber properties

Cucumber growth in the period of 50 to 70 days. In southern parts of Iran such as Jiroft plant cucumber two to three times a year . Cucumbers have different kinds that the most popular figures in Iran are: Bilan kuh cucumber, Dolab cucumber and Isfahan cucumber.

Properties of apples:

One of the properties of apple is in maintaining skin's freshness and vitality. By using apple could eliminate common problems such as dry skin, cracking skin, paleness and many skin diseases and reduce long chronic or their symptoms.

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