Cattle and birds

Ostrich has unique appearance that distinguishes it from other birds. With long neck and legs is able to run with the speed about 70 km/h, which is the highest rate among all of the birds in land. Its main course is vegetables, but they feed invertebrates.

Calf is child of cow or cow which has not mature yet.

In fact, the "cow that is less than one year," is said calf. So the cow is one year calf.

Sheep is a mammals in the order of hooves couples, in the class of ruminants and cattle family canids . Because of using its wool, milk and meat they maintain in farms and in large herds.

Oryctolagus Cuniculus is an animal in lagomorpha family and its origin is in west Europe and North West Africa.

Now different races of this are used for many purposes such as the production of wool and meat, and used in biological research as pets.

White fish (family: Cyprinidae), is One of the types of fish in north of Iran which is found in the Caspian Sea and rivers in the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran.

Trout, is the best fish among cold water fishes and it is subgroup of salmons.                                                      

Trout has compact body but its caudal fin is larger than the salmon.

Typically Salmons born in freshwater then go to the ocean and again return to freshwater for spawning.

Research has shown that they spawn at that point they were born.

The fish is in the family that has two pairs of small mustache, pharyngeal teeth of formula 3 or 3 .2.1-1. .1.1-1. 1.3 2.3.

Common carp has large flakes and continuous dorsal fin. The number of flakes in the lateral line is 30-32.

Chicken is the most numerous and the most common domestic animal in the world, with a population of more than 24 billion in 2003. Any bird in the world does not have this population.

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