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Oryctolagus Cuniculus is an animal in lagomorpha family and its origin is in west Europe and North West Africa.

Now different races of this are used for many purposes such as the production of wool and meat, and used in biological research as pets.

Non-invasive and gentle behavior of rabbit is considered it as an ideal pet. However, for its proper maintenance, familiarity with the anatomical, physiological and behavioral characteristics of animal is necessary.


The average of daily food consumption for rabbits is about 5 grams per 100 grams of body weight. The best food for the animals are commercial diet, which composition is adjusted according to their needs. This diet usually contains 17% - 14% protein, 22% - 12% crude fiber and 2500-2100 kcal energy. These materials can also be used with different fruits and vegetables and it should be noted that these aren't rot and mold.


Since the micro flora of the digestive system is very sensitive to changes in osmolarity and PH so the type of food should slowly intercourse for 5-4 days, and any sudden change in the content of the diet, especially carbohydrate-rich diet can create severe gastrointestinal disorders, causes the death of a pet.


Determining the sex of young rabbits is very difficult and needs experience. So in this case, ask the veterinarian for assistance.

Female rabbits mature at about 24 to 16 weeks. Smaller races and female rabbits mature sooner than bigger races and males. Female rabbit does not have a regular cycle, but the acceptance of sexual Oestrus is long and lasts about 7-10 days. If mating doesn't happen the adoption of animals will lost within 1-2 days and then re-enter the sexual embrace.

The rabbit which enters to this stage allows the other ones to spring on its back and it is a clue to identify the animal is ready to tup.

As mentioned in the part of nest, males and females should be kept separate from each other and only placed female rabbit to male rabbit's cage for sexual admission about 10 minutes.

If the mating does not lead to conception, pregnancy may be false and Pseudopregnancy will occur. In this case the female animal shows all symbols of pregnant animals, and even breasts are too big, but this stage ends after 18 days.


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