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Cucumber properties

Cucumber growth in the period of 50 to 70 days. In southern parts of Iran such as Jiroft plant cucumber two to three times a year . Cucumbers have different kinds that the most popular figures in Iran are: Bilan kuh cucumber, Dolab cucumber and Isfahan cucumber.



  1. Cucumber increases urine and treat bilefever and jaundice (yellowing).
  2. Rubbing cucumber on the skin is very effective for the softness.
  3. If the powder seed of cucumbers mix with water and drink, this relieves anxiety and promote neurological disorders.
  4. Chanbar cucumber is a kind of cucumber which is long and thin. In some cases it grows 1 meter. This kind of Cucumber digests quickly and it is helpful in destroying of some types of kidney and bladder stones.
  5. Because of excretion uric acid, cucumbers reduces arthritis from the body.
  6. Due to radioactive rays Chanbar cucumber, detect hidden disease.
  7. The water of cucumber used as washing solution for oily skin, as well as anti-scabies and mange.
  8. Smelling of fresh cucumber relieves excitement and also is useful for the treatment of head pain.


  1. As far as possible eat the cucumbers with salt. Because salt makes water disposal in cucumber easy and reduces stomach pains.
  2. Cucumber is harmful for cold natured people and children.
  3. Cucumber is harmful for the persons who have sensitive stomach, and it causes of the pain.
  4. Big yellow cucumber is a little sour that is causing fear in people. "Men become coward"
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